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Dr. Eric Johnson, DC, DACBN grew up and graduated high school in Tomah, Wisconsin. He went on to receive a bachelor’s in biology with a chemistry minor from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. During that time at La Crosse, Dr. Eric became passionate about chiropractic, therefore he enrolled to Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota to pursue his passion. Since graduating cum laude in December 2016, Dr. Eric moved to the health-oriented city of Madison where he opened his own chiropractic clinic. His main goal is to educate people about health, so that they can be the healthiest possible person they can be. On top of his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, Dr. Eric received a Post-Doctorate Degree in Nutrition from the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, as well as other certifications in soft tissue massage and kinesiology taping. With a wide array of treatment options, Dr. Eric looks to find the root cause and get people better quicker.


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I came to Functional Wellness at the recommendation of a friend. My experience has been nothing short of amazing as I have begun to roll back the effects of 10+ years with a connective tissue autoimmune disorder. I have regained health, better energy and function while reducing inflammation. The approach of targeting for optimal health and food as medicine has allowed me to replace the drugs that only suppressed my immune system with the healing of my immune system. In addition, Eric has been working to help me to restore function in my knees and feet through chiropractic and kinesiology. I'm trying to avoid knee replacement surgery in both knees and feel hopeful that it's possible! Hope is a wonderful thing....
Functional Wellness Chiropractic Center

Kathleen Harwood
Albany, WI

I highly recommend Functional Wellness to my family and friends. I always leave feeling relieved and more capable of movements that were otherwise restricted to me due to injuries. Dr. Eric has helped me improve my movement, manage pain, and progress in taking steps towards better nutrition. I am also confident he helps the people I refer tremendously and in such different ways. At first, I was a bit skeptical about going to the chiropractor, but now I look forward to it. It is also so much more than that! I strongly urge you to give it a shot!
Functional Wellness Chiropractic Center

Eryn Hoida
Madison, WI

I will continue to go back and see Eric for any issues! He helped me get through a hip injury during my Ironman training and also gave me a list of stretches and exercises to do to prevent it from happening again. Just like that I am back up and running and I wish I would've have went and seen him sooner!
Functional Wellness Chiropractic Center

Kenny Haferkorn
Madison, WI

David Wells

Dr. Eric has worked with our son for some time. Our son is a high functioning autistic child with various sensory issues as well. Dr. Eric has helped us find solutions for some of our son's behavior issues through natural supplements and diet control. We wanted to find a natural approach and not just introduce drugs. Dr. Eric helped us accomplish that goal. Our son is functioning well in a regular class at school achieving good grades. While not a perfect situation, the approach Dr. Eric took has helped make a very difficult situation quite manageable. He also devoted a lot of time researching issues and possible solutions. We appreciate that he went to great lengths to find solid solutions. We are very satisfied and would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Eric.

Randy Schmidt

After 34 years of going chiropractors and finding little lasting results, I'm happy to have found Dr. Eric Johnson. His approach dealing with the muscular/skeletal cause of my pain was a welcome departure from the Chiropractic care that I had expereinced in the past. It's refreshing to have a Chiropractor that is interested in helping me solve my problems instead of getting me back in the office in a few days so they can charge me another fee for 5 minutes of treatment. Dr. Eric is my Chiropractor from now on.

Annamaria Bliven

I was experiencing blurred and double vision after a crash forced landing and feeling very defeated. Dr. Eric Johnson did cranial adjustments and was able to help me see normal. I also had some hip issues being that the accident made me bruise my tailbone, and he helped with that too. He really knows what it takes to help feel better and live life to the fullest!

Karie Nafzger

I had been doctoring in the medical field for years trying to reduce the swelling in my right leg. Finally, I received a diagnosis of lymphedema and the only treatment for this is to wear compression socks. I decided that this was not acceptable. I reached out to Dr. Eric and 3 in months, I no longer wear compression socks! I run three times a week and I couldn't feel better! He has changed my life forever. He took the time to educate me on eating, making sure I have the right supplements for my body and he listened to me. I have recommended Dr. Eric to family and friends. I can't thank him enough for his compassion and desire to see that I have the quality of life that I have always wanted.

Preslee Steiner

Dr. Eric helped address neck issues that I have been dealing with for a year. I was told by other chiropractors that I would need to see them 3 times a week for two months to help fix my upper neck pain. I had two appointments with Dr. Eric and I have been pain free ever since. Thank you so much Dr. Eric! I high recommend him!

Robert Holmes

Dr. Eric has really helped me to get back on the road to good health. I have lost weight and feel much better since starting on his program. I tell him I am probably his oldest patient at age 71 so it is never too late. He is very competent and caring and I feel he is on the cutting edge of wellness and all of its components. I consider myself fortunate to have found him..

Katie Steele

Last spring I saw Dr. Eric a few times after I got into a car accident. My dad is also a chiropractor back home in Minnesota and I have grown up only being treated by him, so I was quite nervous to see someone besides my dad. As a college student, I am very busy and it wasn't always that easy for me to see Dr. Eric, but he was accomodating and willing to stay after hours to help me. I felt very comfortable and only saw him 3 times before almost all my pain was gone. He was extremely knowledgable and conscientous and even recommended different nutritional strategies to ensure I would recover as quickly as possible. It's very reassuring to me to know I have a chiropractor that I trust just as much as my dad that I can go to in Madison while I am at school. I would highly recommend Dr. Eric.

Lilly Blumer

I have struggled with migraines and severe menstrual cramps for quite some time and never got any answers as to what was causing them. When I first went to Dr. Eric Johnson, he took the time to listen so profoundly to the problems I was having and did all he could to get me better. He got to the root of what was causing both my migraines and cramps, through muscle testing, and practiced soft tissue therapy on me. Just after a few adjustments, I had noticed a huge difference from the way I was feeling. He is truly a caring man and is all about getting the patient better. If you are looking for a doctor who truly cares about your health and well being, then Dr. Eric Johnson is the one for you!

Paul Brooks

I was having shoulder problems for months. I had been going to UW Health for physical therapy and nothing was working. I was referred to Dr. Eric and after my first visit I had full motion back in my shoulder, after the 2nd visit I had no pain and could throw a golf ball. I highly recommend Dr. Eric. He is professional, easy to talk with, and definitely knows his stuff. Thanks again Doc!

Lois Neis

I first connected with Dr. Johnson at the Functional Medicine Clinic where he was interning in Minnesota, and I was very pleased when he opened his own Functional Medicine and Chiropractic office in Madison. Dr. Johnson admittedly loves puzzles, and my health issues were certainly a puzzle. I brought to Dr. Johnson my symptoms – unexplained nerve pain in my legs, fatigue, depression, brain fog, memory and digestive issues – along with all the test results done by a number of different professionals. Using this information along with his chiropractic/functional medicine diagnostic skills, his own research and a few additional tests, Dr. Johnson was able to move towards finding the root cause of my symptoms and helped set up an effective treatment plan. He also very graciously collaborated with other professionals as needed to help bring healing to not only these issues but others – impaired shoulder movement, hiatal hernia, bulging spinal disk, tight muscles - that I’d been dealing with for years. I really have appreciated working with Dr. Johnson. He takes the time to listen well, has extraordinary integrity, and is very knowledgeable, professional and personable. He is very gifted in the use of muscle testing, structural adjustment, soft/deep tissue manipulation/massage and biochemical analysis. I believe that one of the most important things Dr. Johnson has taught me through this is the importance of gut function to health – both physically and mentally. And that certainly was proven true as he effectively diagnosed and helped me (with herbal antimicrobials and diet) with SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth). My energy level and brain functioning has returned to what I call “normal” as a result. Dr. Johnson also addressed the biochemical component of my depression/fatigue/brain fog symptoms by coordinating treatment with another medical professional using specific supplements - one of which needed to be IV infused – along with some minor diet changes. I am a graphic artist and have had to significantly reduce my time at the computer/sitting because of the nerve pain in the front of my legs. The pain also greatly affected my sleep – needing to use ice packs to calm the nerves and/or anti-inflammatory drugs. The traditional medical professionals could not find a cause for the pain and could only suggest pain medications. Dr. Johnson was able to address the structural and muscular issues that have contributed to the pain, and with chiropractic adjustments, specific stretches and exercises along with myofascial release therapy by someone recommended by Dr. Johnson, I feel my pain has been reduced by almost 90 percent. I have benefitted greatly from having Dr. Johnson on my health care team, and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in living well through every season of life.


Jordan has had digestive issues since 9 months old. Luckily Functional Wellness was able to help.